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A pathway to prosperity

Moving towards Self-Sufficiency & Thriving

Our Financial assistance helps people transform their overall finances, so they can rise beyond subsistence-living and thrive, working towards a goal of financial prosperity. Defined here as a self-sufficient income which includes three months of savings, a credit score of 700 or above and no revolving debt. 

We accomplish our work through one-on-one coaching and give clients an opportunity to take advantage of our expert staff, abundant tools, and strong network of partners.   

Much of our Financial & Credit Coaching work is grounded in the United Way Bay Area’s SparkPoint model.  Participants commit to being in our program for at least six months, working with a coach to identify personal goals, create an action plan, and meet regularly to check in on progress and problem-solve around barriers.   

We also partner with local banks, colleges, county offices, and other nonprofits to provide a hub of integrated services that put long-term financial security within reach. 


Financial Coaching

Coaches help individuals establish and follow a household budget, and find ways to improve their income such as through employment, job training and/or public benefits. We work with them to create step-by-step plans addressing their unique needs and goals, and check in regularly to help problem-solve. Over time, participants in the program learn to take control of their finances and design the lives they want. From opening a savings account, to finding money left after each paycheck, to planning to pay for college or buy a home, we help people create a financial foundation from which they can support themselves, and build.

Credit Coaching

Credit can be a powerful tool or an enormous burden. Through credit coaching, we help those in the community decrease their debt and increase their credit score so they have better access to resources and opportunities. Specifically, our credit coach helps clients pull credit reports, examine each item, check for errors, assist with letters of dispute, and take strategic actions that improve their credit score.

Small Business Development Advising

Small businesses are the lifeblood of Marin, and for many people the only way to create a livelihood. It’s not always easy to make a small business succeed however. Marin residents who have an existing business they'd like to strengthen or expand, or a hobby they want to grow into a business, or are just curious about working for themselves, are encouraged to reach out. In partnership with Marin Small Business Development Center, we offer free business advising for future and current small business owners.

How we can Help

Creating and sticking to a budget

Getting free help with taxes

Reducing debt

Improving your credit score

Starting or expanding a small business

Saving for college, home ownership, and more.