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Housing Justice


Over the course of the pandemic, the County of Marin and various cities and towns created eviction moratorium policies to provide much-needed stability for renters across our community. While many renters continue to struggle with the devastating economic impact of the pandemic, the moratoria policies came to an end on September 30th. Through the provision of direct services and advocacy, Community Action Marin and our partner agencies are advancing housing justice locally.  

Approximately one-third of Marin residents are renters, a percentage which is much higher in communities like the Canal, Southern Marin, and Central Novato. Rents are rising in Marin and throughout the region and people with low-incomes, Latino, Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) residents, and people with disabilities are disproportionately impacted by the current housing crisis.  In fact, 37.98% of households are considered cost-burdened and spend 30% or more of their income on rent.  Another 18% spend more than 50% of income on housing. When people lose housing, the instability created has negative ripple effects for children and families, as well as employers and our local social fabric and economy.  

Community Action Marin has been an active proponent of eviction moratorium and other tenant protection policies. Working in partnership with Canal Alliance, Legal Aid of Marin, and North Marin Community Services, we organized over a dozen local agencies to support the eviction moratorium extensions across the county and also published a Marin Voice piece in support. 

Living our values guides all that we do. With trust as our foundation, we pursue healing-centered engagement to bring about transformational change. We also recognize the importance of doing the work in our own house to create meaningful steps toward equity and well-being in order to do the hard work to accomplish our goals of racial and economic justice in our Marin community. Take a look at how we build a thriving workplace and the tools we use to do the work of racial and economic justice. Download both tools in English or our roadmap in Spanish by clicking the buttons below.


The Numbers


The average number of unhoused served in Marin each month


The amount of housing financial assistance provided to 1,070 households


Outreach to those that are unhoused

Through our Community Alternative Response Engagement( CARE) outreach teams, we offer vital support and assistance to unhoused people throughout Marin County. We are often the first point of contact for people experiencing homelessness. We find people in need of service and help them in simple ways like wellness checks, bringing people food, socks or sleeping bags, or transportation to a detox center, shelter or hospital, until they are receptive to accessing services. Encounters can take place over many months or even years. Once trust has been built, we connect people in need with mental health services, housing programs and other supports on the path to becoming housed and stabilized. We work to successfully transition clients to mental health and other supportive services, housing programs, and permanent housing.

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Housing Information

Low-cost housing is extremely difficult to secure in Marin. Our seasoned Housing Information Specialist helps members uncover timely information on shared housing options, Section 8 housing vouchers, and subsidized housing. Members get high-touch personal assistance with their housing search, best practices on how to present themselves to a landlord and how to be a good tenant, help developing housing resumes and letters of reference, and external referrals to our network of trusted landlords and housing programs.

Emergency Rental Assistance Program

As of March 12, 2024, all funds from the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) have been utilized.

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Peer Mental Health Program Community Action Marin

Pathways to Well-being

Community Action Marin staff is committed to healing-centered approaches to equity and well-being. We ask questions, center strengths, listen deeply, and help to provide resources through our own services and programs and in concert with partners across the county. With over 30 years’ experience as a peer support agency and Peer Education Trainer, Community Action Marin continues to hire, train, and develop people with lived experience of mental health challenges, homelessness, substance abuse, and poverty.

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Need Housing Assistance?

Community Action Marin can help with rental and eviction assistance resources, housing information, and housing navigation.

The news that more rental assistance was available through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) was welcome news for those we serve and others within the county. As many households were struggling financially and behind on rent, despite the help from prior programs, there was still a great need for additional support. Lots of families who lost their jobs and were impacted by the Shelter in Place still hadn’t fully recovered financially. With the ERAP program, we were able to reach households who may not have been eligible before or missed the first rounds of assistance.

Chris Miranda
Senior Manager Safety Net Services
Community Action Marin