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Everyone in Marin deserves the opportunity to have a roof over their head, nutritious food, and greater well-being. During this past year, in the face of unprecedented need and inequity and thanks to those who got involved, Community Action Marin made it possible for more people to stay housed, keep warm, and remain connected. Needs in Marin continue to grow and people in Marin are still struggling to maintain self-sufficiency. We invite you to join us, get involved, and be an advocate for change in our county.

There are a number of ways you can get involved.

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All of our services are provided free to clients. We rely on generosity from people like you to support our programs; allowing us to provide assistance to more people and provide all of the services they need.



Come spend your time making life better for others in Marin. We've got lots of ways you can help.


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I got involved with Community Action Marin to help people with housing. This is something I enjoy doing. Housing is people’s #1 concern. I know people feel trapped and scared. I tell them their options and I’m their cheerleader. I know it can be difficult. I can’t solve all their problems. They are so big. I can just help with the housing process and support them along the way.

Leslie Klor
Housing Information Specialist