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A Message from our CEO

Listening deeply to the needs of community changed how we worked this past year. We learned anew the power of our hearts as we came together across the county to help, to heal, and to hold one another through crisis and uncertainty. Our agency strengthened its whole-person, whole-family approach to meeting people where they are.  We saw results.

At locations across Marin, our frontline team of Success Coaches helped ensure that people’s most basic needs were met. Staff took the time to understand people’s priorities in their respective journeys to self-sufficiency. We opened new service hubs in Marin City and San Rafael to bring together childcare, basic needs, and stabilization supports. The data proved us right—more people received more support to stay housed, keep warm, and remain connected.

We also prioritized employee well-being in 2021, doubling down on mental health supports to staff with trauma-responsive training and increased benefits. We created an Equity and Well-being roadmap to link our Whole Family Focus to our team’s sense of belonging and power in order to create stronger internal support and systems for change that fostered better outcomes in community.

This year, Community Action Marin’s Impact Report demonstrates our collective strength and flexibility in the face of difficult realities. It underscores the urgency of our focus on equitable recovery and the need to maintain that focus. Working side-by-side in efforts across the county to foster innovation and sustainable solutions that work for those most in need, we built trust and supported impact at individual, agency, and community levels. I’m excited to share now the results of our efforts in partnership with you.

As you read, take in the stories and testimonials. The data are powerful, but they do not stand alone—there are people in the numbers, and their experiences are in part reflected here.

Because we will continue to do what’s needed in the work of increasing racial and economic justice in Marin, I invite you to dive in. If you’re capable of giving, please take a minute to donate to our Step Up Community Fund. You are a partner in making our impact stronger and our pathway forward together in community more hopeful.

And if you’re ever in need, call us—we’re in your corner.

Chandra Alexandre
Chief Executive Officer