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Collective advocacy can change policies and systems

Taking action for racial and economic justice

Everyone deserves to live with dignity and respect

Marin County is one of the wealthiest counties in the United States. Yet many in our community go without the basics of healthy food, affordable housing, and a living wage. Income inequality in Marin is among the highest in the nation. Marin is also one of the most racially disparate counties in California. Race plays a large role in who is well off and who is not. In fact, 

  • 1 in 5 families (and 1 in 3 seniors) in Marin struggle to put food on the table. (Marin Food Policy Council, September 2022)
  • 6.8 % percent of residents ages 65+ in Marin live in poverty. (Healthy Marin, 2022) 
  • The poverty rate for Latinx households in Marin (19%) is 3x greater than the overall poverty rate for the county. (Marin Economic Form, March 2023)
  • A family of four in Marin needs to earn $167,000 to cover their basic needs each year. And 37 % percent of households in Marin do not earn enough to make ends meet. (The Cost of Being Californian, 2021)
  • 95% of Black households and 73% of Latinx households in Marin are struggling to make ends meet compared to 29% of White households. (The Cost of Being Californian, 2021)

These realities illustrate inequities that run counter to the core values we hold as a community. All of us who live, work, and visit Marin, across all racial and ethnic groups and income levels, deserve dignity and respect. Our work together is making Marin an equitable community that we can be proud of.

We advocate for equitable change

With many in our community excluded from the social and economic benefits that many of us enjoy, we take action for change. Without deliberate action to advance racial and economic justice through changes to policies and systems, the status quo creates and perpetuates inequities at every turn. 

Poverty is the result of policy choices. We need policies that produce equity.

We have a tremendous opportunity in Marin to ensure that the most basic needs of all residents are met. It takes all of us coming together, a diverse array of voices raised to demand public policies that reflect our values and achieve justice and equity for all of us.

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Read our 2024 Advocacy Agenda

Each year we create an Advocacy Agenda that frames the specific policy and budgetary issues we are working on to advance equitable change. Download a copy in English or Spanish now by clicking the buttons below.

Community Action Marin is a rare organization. On one hand, it assists folks on an individual basis, recognizing the uniqueness of each person, and placing them at the center of their efforts. On the other, it works at scale, to shift systems and policies for the betterment of the entire community. And it does so with equal parts strategic expertise and deep humanity. They are a model for a community services organization.

Rhea Suh
President & CEO
Marin Community Foundation