Making an impact in Marin

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Advancing racial and economic justice

Staff listen deeply to the needs of community, helping to meet each person, each family where they are today. Our whole person, whole family approach makes a meaningful impact on people’s lives and sets them on pathways to their dreams. Together, we are putting Marin County on a path to self-sufficiency and thriving for all.

At locations across Marin, our frontline team of Success Coaches helps to ensure that people’s most basic needs are met, taking the time to understand priorities while supporting hopes and dreams.

This past year, in partnership with government, supporters, partner organizations, and community, we helped more people and changed more lives than ever before. Read Community Action Marin’s 2021 Impact Report to learn how community members came together to tackle urgent problems and meet immediate needs.

This year, the report highlights our collective strength and flexibility in the face of difficult realities. It underscores the urgency of our focus on equitable recovery and the need to maintain that focus as we work toward racial and economic justice across Marin County. Visit the Equity & Advocacy page to learn more.