Seeds to success

Model for Good Food

Our organic garden offers a replicable and scalable model for creating a sustainable community resource for good, healthy food. The Production Farm has 15,000 square feet of land dedicated to orchards and organic crops. Last year, our Production Farm generated over 730 lbs. of healthy fruits and vegetables!  

We also ensure that the fresh ingredients grown in our Production Farm and school gardens are put back into our food cycle. Our farm ensures that we grow, educate, and feed good food into tomorrow!  

Research shows that involving children in our farm and learning gardens or a school gardening program may do more than cultivate a green thumb.  In one study, elementary school children showed increased willingness to try new foods after growing and cooking in a school-based kitchen and gardening program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We use the food we grow to prepare meals both for our programs, as well as in our emergency food boxes that provide groceries and meals to food insecure families. 

We have a parent garden committee that help to both operate and make decisions about the campus gardens, including what is grown. Our farm manager is Juan Martinez, a long-time Community Action Marin employee.

We love having children involved. They learn how to grow things and are more likely to eat the foods they’ve been involved in growing. 

Since July 2020 the farm produced 1300 pounds of food including: Apples 147 pounds, Cabbage: 56 pounds, Peppers: 25 pounds; Tomatoes: 178 pounds, Cucumbers: 375 pounds, and zucchini: 218 pounds!

We love having people volunteer and help out. What we suggest is going to our Volunteer Page and filling out the form and our Volunteer Coordinator will get back to you. You can also sign up for our email list as events are often included in our emails as well.

Growing a Garden into a Production Farm!

A longtime highlight of our Children and Family Services, our Learning Gardens program is growing in exciting ways to increase healthy eating choices and access to fresh fruits and vegetables  among the families  we serve.