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Build credit and opportunities

Many people don’t know if they have good credit or not, until they make a large purchase or financial outlay. Having poor credit can have a negative impact on your future. Whether it’s allowing you to qualify for subsidized housing, take out a loan for a car or home, start a business, or more, our trained credit coaches can help you: 

  • Find ways to establish and build credit 
  • Decrease debt  
  • Repair or improve your credit score   
  • Pull and understand credit reports 
  • Assist with letters of dispute 

Create a path to prosperity

To get started with one of our coaches, simply click on the Get Services button above, complete our forms and you’ll be directed to:

  1. Watch our video orientation or schedule a one-on-on English or Spanish session
  2. Complete our welcome packet questionnaire
  3. Schedule your in-person or virtual coaching session

To have everything and then become homeless, to becoming a homeowner, is a dream come true. I have been through so much and I have worked very hard to get to where I am. All I needed was a little help and organizations that care and want to help me, and they did. I am beyond thankful and truly blessed. 

Tiffany N.
Economic Justice Client

Frequently asked questions

One of the first things our coaches will do is teach you how to request a credit report. They’ll then help you see what the score is and what may be affecting it. Depending on the situation, they’ll work with you to establish, repair, and/or build your score.

Whatever door you come into Community Action Marin through, if you have other basic needs, like rental or water bill assistance, we can help with that as well. 

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Sign up here or call us at 415.526.7500. You may also email and say “I want to meet with a credit coach.”

Meet One of our Coaches!

Meet Debbie Brown

A leader on the agency’s Economic Justice team, Debbie has 25 years of professional experience in banking, lending, credit coaching, and financial consulting. She brings skills, compassion, and hope to many through the work she does each day.

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