Ensuring improved outcomes

Creating trusted connections in community
to support greater well-being

Our Whole Family Approach


Putting People First

Community Action Marin breaks down the barriers that get in the way of fair and lasting change, responds to urgent and pressing community needs, and advocates to eliminate the social inequities that hinder people’s ability to thrive. We put people first and create trusted connections in community to support greater well-being. 

We strive to meet the needs of community by preventing homelessness, ensuring healthy meals, educating preschoolers of working parents, offering cash assistance, providing emotional support, and helping people to achieve well-being.

The agency’s Whole Family Approach is designed to ensure improved outcomes at the individual, agency, and community levels. See our 2023 Community Needs Assessment which will guide us for the next two years.

How we work is critical to achieve our goals. There is no wrong door here. Strong, trusted relationships make self-sufficiency possible for over 5,000 households each year—and growing. 

  • Children and Family Services: Free and affordable early childhood education to support people across generations and help families thrive 
  • Safety Net ServicesRent, utilitiesemergency services and access to public benefits to help people meet basic needs 
  • Housing Justice: Through the provision of direct services like Homeless Outreach, Housing Information and Pathways to well-being, as well as  advocacy, we are advancing housing justice locally
  • Economic Justice: Credit coaching, budgeting, job training, and career support to stabilize and promote pathways to employment and financial health
  • Food Justice: Access and advocacy to grow food security across the county