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Everyone deserves to live their life with dignity and respect

At Community Action Marin, we break down the barriers that get in the way of anyone in our community being able to support themselves, and each other. Our clients come to us because they have a need for one of our services. When community members come through any one of our doors, we put them first, listen to what they need and give them more than just the tools to meet the basic requirements for survival. Our bilingual and bicultural staff ensures that people are heard—from immediate needs to making long-lasting change a reality in support of equity and well-being for all. 

As a Leadership Council member of Marin Promise Partnership, Community Action Marin is proud to stand with others committed to racial equity in education from early childhood all the way to career. Read our collaborative Racial Equity Statement now.


Community Action Marin is working to help everyone here thrive


How much a family of four needs to cover their basic needs


How much 20% of people earn a year. This is even worse for people of color (federal poverty guidelines)


The rise in the cost of living in Marin since 2014-2019

We listen to the needs of community

Take care of the whole family

We provide services that help people meet their basic needs, and beyond. Our team works hard to guide, support, and nourish those in our community. The principles that guide staff are embedded in our Whole Family Approach, designed to ensure improved outcomes at the individual, agency, and community levels. How we work is critical to achieve our goals. There is no wrong door here. Strong, trusted relationships make self-sufficiency possible for over 5,000 households each year—and growing. 

We make it possible for people to achieve well-being by providing the education, mental health, and vital services they need. Together, we break down the barriers that get in the way of fair and lasting change in service to better outcomes for all. In the current pandemic, we strive to meet the needs of community by preventing homelessness, ensuring healthy meals, educating preschoolers of essential workers, offering cash assistance, providing emotional support, and helping people to achieve well-being.

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Your donation today to our Step Up Community Fund will help create a stronger Marin County. Together, we can make our community fair, just, and inclusive so people can not only meet their most basic needs, but they can also fully support themselves and each other on the road to self-sufficiency.