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Financial Coaching for College of Marin Students

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SparkPoint financial coaching is great for students just starting out or those ready to graduate. Our services are really for anyone who wants to improve their financial understanding and status. In our coaching program, members define their goals and set priorities for their sessions. Our coaches provide support and the tools to help you track your money, create budgets, boost savings, improve credit, reduce debt, and learn to invest.

Program membership is free and College of Marin students, staff, and faculty are able to take advantage of our expert staff, abundant tools, and strong network of partners. Through regular coaching sessions, participants will dramatically improve their financial literacy, learn to objectively evaluate their own financial position, and be prepared to make informed choices to build wealth and financial security.

How we can help

Creating and sticking to a budget

Reducing debt

Improving your credit score

Saving for the future

Tracking expenses

Increasing savings

Learning to invest

Connecting to other community resources

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I came to Community Action Marin to get help with my credit which was terrible. They gave me a strategy of how to change my credit. The light went on and within seven months my credit score went from 480 to 760.

Darryl B.
Program Participant

“I feel like I have been empowered by the program by not being scared to look at my finances and really getting help.”

Jose (SparkPoint Member)