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Feeding children &
supporting businesses

Access to Nutritional Food

The Central Kitchen, a 2,000 square foot commercial kitchen is one of only a few in Marin County and is located in the heart of San Rafael.  When not in use for Community Action Marin programs, we help to support local food entrepreneurs and non-profits that need a commercial kitchen by renting space. Learn more about our rates and facilities

Our Central Kitchen ensures that all children in our Children and Family Services program have the right nutrition to get their brains and bodies working and ready to learn every day! We prepare and serve delicious, nourishing and daily breakfast and lunch plus snack for over 550 children participating in our high-quality free and affordable child development program. The Central Kitchen also incorporates fresh produce from our Production Farm regularly into culturally-appropriate menus! For many children, the Central Kitchen provided meals are a primary and reliable source of daily nutrition. Learn more about the nutritional food we provide.

We will also look to construct a chicken coop, outdoor kitchen for food demonstrations, and offer planting and harvesting events and celebrations.  

Interested in starting a career in the food industry? Learn more and enroll Enrol in our Kitchen Apprenticeship Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you send an email to Leah Walton, our Nutrition Services Manager, she’d be happy to help you.

Unfortunately, the minimum for kitchen rental is eight hours.  

We do offer some storage in our facility. It includes dry storage, as well as in our refrigerator.  We also provide appliance storage as well. 

Food Truck Inquiries

We also serve as the commissary for local food trucks and welcome inquiries. If interested, please click on the link below to send an email to Liz Valone, Vice President, Program & Strategic Initiatives by clicking the email link below.