Got five minutes?

Five Minutes for Food

Let’s talk about food! 

Hunger and poor access to healthy food are realities for people of low income in Marin, despite the county’s general affluence. Over the past year, food insecurity among the individuals and families we serve intensified and grew.

Click here to watch the video with Spanish subtitles
(Vea el video “Comida Saludable Para Todos” con subtítulos en español aquí.)

We invite you to gather with friends and family and take #FiveMinutesforFood to GET INVOLVED in Food Justice: 

  1. Watch the 5-minute Good Food for All video above
  2. Discuss what it means to gather and share gratitude for healthy, fresh food. Get our guide in English or Spanish.
  3. Act and get involved to support access to good food for ALL in Marin County. 
  4. Share #FiveMinutesforFood with 5 friends tell them how they can help, too.


Read our Good Food for All Discussion Guide

Available in Spanish too!