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Volunteer Spotlight: Jeff Amen, Manager of Volunteer Services
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“To be part of an organization that does so much in this area means a lot to me.”

Jeff Amen joined Community Action Marin as a volunteer in October 2021. He was brought on board as the Manager of Volunteer Services, a position that had been open for several months. The volunteer program needed someone to update database requirements, implement approved processes, and develop procedures, all with the goal to create an efficient and robust program. 

Jeff was selected for this important role by Chandra Alexandre, CEO at Community Action Marin. Chandra had said that she was looking for a management-level person with business operations experience to be 100% focused on and responsible for the program. When Jeff reached out, she recognized that he had the strategic leadership and managerial skills, coupled with the tactical operational skills required, and brought him on board. Once onboard, Jeff quickly learned more about the program and proposed several enhancements to make it more comprehensive, ensuring a cohesive integration into the agency, better collaboration with Community Action Marin’s staff regarding their volunteer needs, and an enhanced experience for volunteers. Said Jeff, “I have some grandiose plans for the department. By making the program more organized initially, then expanding it, a robust volunteer program can do so much to assist Community Action Marin to fulfill its mission and have a greater impact on the community we serve.” 

Jeff is a retired physician specializing in podiatry; the diagnosis, care, and treatment of the human foot.  Living and working in Novato for over 30 years, he owned and operated a large and successful Podiatric Medicine private practice in Marin County, operating as a sole proprietor since 1987. One of the many things that makes Jeff special, he never turned anyone away from the medical care they needed and deserved, regardless of their ability to pay.  His patients included not only low-income individuals but also the homeless community. As a sole proprietor, he not only administered medical care to his patients, but he was also intimately involved in all aspects of business operations necessary to run a successful and efficient medical practice.  Jeff sold his practice to retire from medicine in March of 2021. 

In recent years, Jeff became very interested in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and currently works on two DEI discussion committees outside of Community Action Marin.   Jeff was also heavily involved in the COVID response, first as a volunteer vaccinator, then working on the Access and Functional Needs Task Force. “Helping others is part of who I am, says Jeff. While I no longer am involved in direct service, being able to contribute in a supporting role has been important to me.” 

On a more personal side, Jeff has been happily married since 1985 and enjoys hiking and biking in his leisure time.  Thank you, Jeff, for the dedication, expertise, and excellent leadership skills you bring to your supporting role as the Manager of the agency’s Volunteer Services program.  Your contributions make us a stronger organization.