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Staff Spotlight: Maribel Cabrera-Borloz, Career Coach
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Finding a new job or career path is a daunting task. It really can mean a lot to have someone in your corner as you look for work each day. Bilingual Career Coach Maribel Cabrera-Borloz is that person listening and working hard to help. Those who meet with her for one-on-one career coaching sessions are greeted with warmth, insight, and connection.  

Maribel’s passion for her work is evident in her desire to entice more people to sign up for coaching, her responsiveness to the individual needs of those who seek her services, and her pride in seeing those she works with achieve their goals. As Maribel explains: 

“The people and individuals I help are people of vast and diverse backgrounds who share a need for career counseling, job readiness, job placement, job retention, and compassionate care and direction.    

 “They may be part of families or individuals living alone who are struggling with seeking and holding employment. Maybe they’ve been experiencing financial hardships or see that coaching can help get them through an array of barriers. I’m there to listen and do what I can to help.” 

Meeting Individuals Where They Are 

As the needs of her clients vary or change, so does Maribel’s method of assisting them evolve and expand.  During the first few days and week of the initial COVID-19 outbreak, for example, many of her clients were in a very vulnerable, scared, and stressed state of mind. They began contacting her via email requesting resources and critical advice regarding shelter and places to stay.  Maribel shares: 

“One story that I hope can motivate people to seek our help and inspire case workers to expand their bank of resources, is of a client who emailed me that first Saturday night of the pandemic informing me that she did not have any more money to pay the hotel where she was staying.   

“She said that she was planning to spend the night sleeping in a park and didn’t know what was next.  I immediately was able to source a delivery of blankets for her that first night, but I got to work and the next day was able to provide her with receivable vouchers she could use to pay for lodging. I was able to do this because we had resources from an emergency fund at Community Action Marin, and I’m grateful our community came together in this way to make a difference.“ 

Coaching is Rewarding for Clients and Counselors 

What’s the best part of her job?  Maribel shares that the best part of being a Career Coach is the honor of watching someone achieve their goals, along with seeing the progress made with her assistance:

“One of the greatest joys in life has been witnessing many of my clients’ successes. Helping people to find their own strengths and skills from within is what I love doing. Seeing them build up their confidence using new opportunities allows them to feel empowered on their way to success and newfound life paths. I could not ask for a more fulfilling purpose in my life.” 

At the agency, the personal and professional values and visions that staff bring to their work each day matters. For Maribel, she notes, “I feel not only comfortable, but also passionate about being a member of the Community Action Marin culture. It is an honor to represent an organization and place where I feel as welcomed as we want our clients to feel.”  

Thank you, Maribel, we couldn’t have said it better!