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Children and Family Services: Picturing a brighter future for Marin
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Numerous studies show that when children receive high quality care and education during their early years of life, they are better prepared for school, become better readers, and are more likely to graduate high school. These outcomes benefit every child and family, and our community as a whole.  

Community Action Marin embraces this approach as a core tenet of its mission. We’ve been providing high quality early childcare and education to local families for over 30 years.  Our programs include center-based childcare, home-based care, family childcare homes, and school-age programs, all with wraparound health, nutrition, and family services.  

We have grown to become the largest provider of subsidized childcare in the county, serving over 550 families each day at 10+ campuses from Marin City to Novato, and San Rafael to West Marin.  

We proudly serve as the lead agency for all federally-funded Head Start programs in Marin, plus operate a network of our own Child Development Programs to bring the same quality services to families who may not qualify for Head Start. 

Through our programs, Community Action Marin sets children up to do well in school and later in life by giving them a safe, caring, home-away-from-home to have fun, learn, and explore.

The agency’s Whole Family Approach works to ensure that needs are met and outcomes at the individual, agency, and community levels are achieved to strengthen well-being.

An explicit goal of our program is not just child progress, but providing families with the tools and resources that they seek to support their child and their own development:

  • Early Childhood Education: Community Action Marin offers quality education programs for each age group to provide children with the skills they need to support every stage in their development.
  • Home Visiting Program: Our at-home childcare is an individualized program option designed for any family who would prefer a personal visit from a home visitor.
  • Family Childcare Network: The Early Head Start Family Childcare Network (FCCN) is a group of licensed Marin County childcare providers providing care for children prenatal–3 years of age
  • Learning Gardens: This program offers healthy eating choices and access to fresh fruits and vegetables among the families we serve.

This past year we focused on strengthening our newly integrated program operations in our agency and connected many families to additional safety net assistance: 2/3 of families in our childcare program also received cash, housing or energy assistance. Our programs truly support the whole family!

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