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Fair Justice

Marin County Must Push Toward Realization of Warm, Relational Justice
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We stand in a time of pain recognized — a pain at injustice plain as never before.

The ills of the past year (from police brutality and murder to the insurrection at the capitol) to recent laws suppressing the vote passed or considered in 47 states, fails the truth of our nation as one committed to freedom and a liberation of ideals toward justice.

Our duty as citizens of this democracy is to fair justice, to the call to witness and speak truth as we now see it.

Across the country, power has rebelled to hold its place. In response, we must strengthen truth telling across the range of human experience. To be successful, we must first be human.

Justice requires our soulful, spiritual and embodied personhood. Dismantling White supremacy means allowing emotions to enter the conversation and for tears and rage to catalyze healing. It requires all of who we are if justice is to be lasting and transformational, our efforts resilient and bountiful.

The moment for us is to do the work. I believe that we have the unprecedented opportunity now to leverage our skills and experience, the gift of our affluence, the desire of our forward-thinking population committed to a better world, the appetite and commitment of our youth and the strength of those who have struggled.