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Equitable Pandemic Recovery: Seeding and Sustaining Change
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Not a day has gone by that the team at Community Action Marin has been without focused commitment to the pressing needs of community. Staff at all levels, from frontline to executive leadership, have taken on the responsibility for helping our county to move towards greater equity and a more sustainable future.  

Recently, we were fortunate to be invited to share our learnings at the California Community Action Partnership Association (CalCAPA) Annual Conference. Community Action Marin’s Chief Strategy Officer, Gina Guillemette, presented a case study (November 2022) on the agency’s work related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Because CalCAPA is California’s premier statewide poverty-fighting association (supporting sixty agencies helping communities and families of low-income reach self-sustainability), this was an important moment to reach anti-poverty activists and leaders for change. 

Gina’s presentation highlighted how leaders from community-based organizations worked to build trust with local elected officials and county government. She focused on the will and commitment it took to address longstanding racial inequities and support recovery efforts to meet both urgent needs and tackling long-term sustainability: 

“A shared local commitment to equity among cross-sector partners provided a window of opportunity in the midst of the pandemic. And yet, we know that recovery has been possible for some and not others. Ongoing progress requires that we maintain the urgency and cross-sector collaboration that served the community so well during the pandemic as we chart a long-term strategy for equity.”   

Community Action Marin served as a founding member of the working group, and Gina spoke to how the unique expertise and presence of a Community Action Agency contributed to the impacts achieved.  

Attendees shared that the case study highlighted strategies applicable to a variety of advocacy efforts across communities in California and beyond.  

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