Workforce Development

  • Overview

    Nurturing Marin's landscape of talent, training, and jobs.

    We’ve helped to transform thousands of individual lives.  Today, we’re positioning for a new era of impact in which we boost local workforce development efforts on a broader scale through support services and collaboration.  Along with key partners, we are strengthening participation in job training programs, encouraging the creation of more choices for job seekers, and building stronger readiness pathways for people who need support to become eligible for career training.  For example, we’re working to encourage development of more job training programs in high-demand professions and build stronger readiness pathways for people who need additional support to become eligible. 

    This emerging body of work includes our ECE Workforce Project and other new initiatives under development.

  • Program Details

    We’re working to strengthen participation in job training programs, encourage more job training programs, and build stronger readiness pathways for people who need special support to become eligible for these programs. This emerging body of work includes our ECE Workforce Project and other new initiatives under development, such as our pilot of a workforce accelerator for women experiencing homlessness.

    Early Childhood Education Workforce Project

    Marin residents with entry-level skills struggle to find jobs that pay enough to support living here. With vital support from the Marin Community Foundation and Kaiser Permanente, we've created a project that engages low-income Marin residents in a one-year workforce training program that gives them the credentials to build a satisfying career in the field of early childhood education.

    Over the course of a year, participants complete 12 units of Early Childhood Education classes at College of Marin, take English language proficiency courses if needed, attend other skill-building trainings, get on-the-job training and real-time feedback from a model teacher during a classroom internship, and check in on progress at one-on-one and monthly cohort meetings.

    Now in the second year of this pilot project, we're proud to report that 100% of those who completed the program in the first year are now employed as early childhood educators.

    See the full details of this program.

    Workforce Accelerator

    Accelerating pathways to thrive, we are proud to be the recipient of a California Workforce Development Board “Workforce Accelerator 8.0” grant for women in the county experiencing homelessness with a focus on single mothers and those over 50 years of age. We are seeking to pilot a program for rapid pathways to training and employment opportunities that leverages our agency’s short- and long-term supports for mental health, financial literacy, and basic needs. Learn More: Workforce Accelerator