Kitchen Rental

Renting to Grow Your Business

  • DRY STORAGE SPACE $88.00 per each 4-foot rack per month
  • WALK-IN COLD STORAGE OR REFRIGERATOR $136.00 per each 4-foot length per month
  • WALK-IN FREEZER STORAGE $136.00 per each 4-foot length per month

We Have What You Need

  • Walls covered with RFP washable surfaces
  • Prep sinks, mop sinks and a full dishwasher
  • Walk-in freezer and refrigerator
  • Ample dry storage space
  • Double Convection Steamer
  • Double Convection Oven
  • 2,000 square foot kitchen
  • 40-Gallon Tilting Skillet
  • 6-burner range and conventional oven
  • 60-Gallon Steam-Jacketed Kettle
  • 30-Quart Hobart floor mixer
  • 45-Quart Robot Coupe food processor
  • Volumetric Piston-Filler jar filler
  • Bottle-Matic Dispensa-matic label dispenser
  • Rolling racks and prep tables