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Mental Health

  • Overview

    Our Mental Health Services provide an atmosphere of warmth and caring to help people living with mental illness find their own way to thrive.  We are committed to teaching, empowering, and advocating for our clients.  We provide a variety of services free of charge to those with a mental illness as well as their family members and friends. 

    Our Mental Health services are organized into four programs:
    Peer Mental Health  |  CARE Homeless Outreach Team
    Family Partnership   |  Peer Education

    All services are provided by trained Peer Support Specialists who have lived through their own experiences so they’re able to relate to people at their most vulnerable.  We’re the first large-scale mental health program in California run for and by mental health clients.

    Some of those referred to us face homelessness.  We make a special effort to reach out to them through our Outreach Teams, bringing immediate help to people in their darkest hours and connecting them with care and services.

    No matter who you are or what brings you to us, we’re in your corner.

    Mental Health, By the Numbers

    Number of people in Marin struggling with serious mental issues
    Adults in Marin with mental health issues who received support for the first time.
    Homeless adults staying in shelters who live with severe mental illness and/or substance use disorder

    This was the first time in my life in the county that partners have come together. I’ve received the care of a psychologist, a nurse practitioner, and a case manager in addition to the ERC's support groups all at the same time.

    Client, Peer Mental Health > Mental Health Client

    Success Story

    Louise had a successful and productive life when bipolar mental illness unexpectedly took hold in midlife.

    To support her recovery, Louise’s case manager at Kaiser Permanente suggested that she enroll in peer counseling classes at the Enterprise Recovery Center (ERC).

    Louise completed five peer counseling classes in 20 months and began working as a Peer Specialist at the ERC. The knowledge and skills she learned in the peer counseling classes were immediately applicable and relevant to helping others. As she successfully supported others in their recovery, her own sense of self, and self-esteem began to return. She discovered renewed purpose, and hope.

  • Programs

    No one should ever feel forgotten. 

    Our mental health programs at Community Action Marin give people the tools and opportunities to live with dignity and respect, and enable people to be their best selves.  We provide caring services such as:

    • Assistance with obtaining Social Security and help completing forms
    • Information about community programs
    • An escort to the hospital when they are in crisis
    • Help locating medical care for clients who have no doctor, psychiatrist, or dentist
    • Assistance applying for Food Stamps, MediCal, and health insurance
    • Accompaniment to doctor appointments
    • Assistance in documenting choices when working with Emergency Services and other crisis resources

    Peer Mental Health

    Our peers work to provide an atmosphere of warmth and caring to give those with mental health challenges the solid ground they need to reach their highest potential. Together as a team of individuals with lived experience of mental health concerns, we are committed to teaching, empowering, and advocating for our clients, serving people with mental health issues in a variety of ways as they grow on the recovery journey and thrive in community.

    Peer Education

    No one can understand mental health challenges quite like someone who’s faced them.  Our Peer Education Program trains people with lived experience to become Peer Support Specialists, so they can help others on their recovery journey.

    Family Partnership

    The Family Partnership program builds close relationships between families in need and the professionals who are helping them. Respect is at the center of our work. That’s why every plan is thoughtfully tailored around each family’s individual strengths, culture and needs.

    CARE Homeless Outreach Teams

    Our mobile outreach teams operate throughout the county. We are often the first point of contact for homeless individuals: forging relationships, establishing trust, meeting immediate needs (a bag lunch, clean socks, a sleeping bag) and connecting clients to services. As part of a county-wide effort to coordinate care, permanent housing is the ultimate goal.

    Enterprise Recovery Center

    At the Enterprise Recovery Center (ERC), we served over 15,000 visitors each year. Adults with serious mental illness who are disenfranchised and often reluctant to seek help and services received help from the Center. Beginning in July 2021, the ERC will be operated by the Multicultural Center of Marin. Please visit their website for more information: multiculturalmarin.org

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    Linda Reed Activity Program

    Linda Reed Activity Program

    A structured day program that encourages members to socialize. Activities include a support group, art, gardening, nature walk, and games. Once a month the group goes on a fun field trip to a local place of interest.

    Meets weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10am to 2:30pm.

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