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Head Start Annual Report 2022

Head Start

Children and families served

The Children and Family Services team of early education professionals provided free and affordable childcare, health, nutrition, and social support to over 500 children and their families. Our team afforded eligible families quality early childhood development programs for ages 0-5 and an after school program for children age 5+.

  • 78% of the total 214 Head Start slots and 60% of the 148 Early Head Start slots from FY 2021-2022 enrolled on average each month.
  • For Head Start, 201 children were served, 94% of total that were eligible
  • For Early Head Start, 113 children were served, 76% of the total that were eligible
  • 100% of Head Start preschool children received medical exams and 93% received dental exams.

School readiness

Our team’s goal is to ensure that children enter kindergarten ready to learn and that families are prepared to succeed. Our team implements effective teaching practices, including program wide implementation of research-based curriculum and support for children’s language acquisition.

  • LANGUAGE & LITERACY: 88% of students showed improvement
  • SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT: 88% of students showed improvement
  • PARENT SATISFACTION: 98% of parents said their children are happy, safe, and feel like they belong
  • PARENT SATISFACTION: 94% of parents said the program helped them with employment, education, or caregiving

Parent voices matter

Parents are a powerful part of planning a successful year for the children at our centers, in home-visiting programs, and in family childcare homes. Over 40 parents gave their input regularly each month on key decisions, from policies and spending, to collaborations with community partners. With a focus on enhancing well-being, parents also learned about safety protocols, positive parenting skills, and how to engage as part of the school and local community.


”I’ve been with Community Action Marin for 13 years. I feel that the agency does a lot to help our community and that has a lot of meaning to me. CAM supports me and the staff by listening to our concerns. Leadership provides training to encourage professional growth and offers generous employee incentives such as continuing education courses. It also has pay incentives and they gave raises to support me and my colleagues. This helped many of us during times that were hard.”

Nidia Mora
Teacher at Hamilton Children’s Center

It’s the love for the children and families. I love to interact, teach, and nurture. I’ve built relationships. When I go to work at Canal, I know that parents can go to work and know their kids are well taken care of.

Trisha Follins
Lead Teacher at Canal Childcare Center

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Children and Family Services

At Community Action Marin, we provide high-quality free and affordable early education, health, and social support to children and their families. We individualize the program for each child, from pre-natal to school-age, including supporting the development of the home language.