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Partners, Supporters and Sponsors

Community Partnerships

Community Action Marin is proud to partner with local businesses that share our goal of creating a stronger Marin County. If your company believes that everyone in Marin deserves the opportunity to achieve economic stability, a roof over their head, healthy food, and greater well-being, we’d like to partner with you. 

Types of Business Partnerships: 

  • Corporate Donations These cash gifts  support specific programs and initiatives that benefit individuals and families in Marin.
  • Grants. We welcome support for specific programs and initiatives that can benefit individuals and families in our Marin community.
  • Sponsorships. Businesses can enter into agreements with Community Action Marin that relate to an event, volunteering, services, and co-marketing activities. 

Partner with us

We invite other organizations with a shared passion and vision for an equitable Marin to partner with us. We welcome financial, service, sponsorship, co-marketing, and event partners. Complete our form and tell us how we can work together towards a more equitable Marin. 


Help more Marin families move from self-sufficiency to thriving.