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Enterprise Recovery Center

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    An Oasis for Mental Health in Marin

    At the Enterprise Recovery Center (ERC), we serve adults with serious mental illness who are disenfranchised and often reluctant to seek help and services. We provide individual and group activities that are structured and lead to an individualized program of recovery using mental health peers.

    Services for individuals and families are targeted for transition-age youth, adults, and older adults who have serious mental illness. These individuals may or may not have a co-occurring substance abuse disorder and/or other serious health conditions. We work with a variety of community partners to ensure the best of peer-provided mental health and other services for pathways to overall wellbeing. See all Mental Health Services here.

    Enterprise Recovery Center
    3270 Kerner Boulevard
    San Rafael, CA 94901
    (415) 457-4554

    Helping People. Changing Lives.

    Visitors each year
    New clients helped
    > 1,500
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    Success Story

    Renewing Self-Respect

    Working at the ERC helped me so much.  I felt no stigma there for having a mental illness. Instead,  I  found renewed self-respect for the counseling and support I gave others.  My work now is very rewarding.

    – Volunteer

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    Enterprise Recovery Center

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    • Enterprise Recovery Center
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    3270 Kerner Boulevard
    San Rafael, CA 94901
    (415) 457-4554

  • FAQ

    How do you measure successful recovery outcomes?

    Our goal is to increase the number of clients using Individual Recovery Plans with specific long-term and short-term behavioral goals defined and measured by peer mentors.


    How do you meet community needs?

    We respond to community needs as expressed through surveys, focus groups, and community meetings where input and feedback are regularly generated. Knowing community needs, our work increases member recovery outcomes and highlights the effectiveness of specific program elements, such as peer support groups, showing evidence of the peer (consumer) mental health model of recovery.

    What days are you open?

    We are open six days each week, from Monday to Saturday, to support community needs. All services are free once you sign in.

    The goals of ERC programs are to promote recovery and self-sufficiency, decrease isolation, and increase social support. We are here for you!


    Can I get help on the phone?

    Yes. Please call our Warm Line, a telephone peer counseling support service at 415-459-6330.

    If you have additional questions, please contact the ERC’s manager, Darcy Woodall.

    Enterprise Recovery Center

    Enterprise Recovery Center Manager

    Darcy Woodall
  • Events
    Linda Reed Activity Program

    Linda Reed Activity Program

    A structured day program that encourages members to socialize. Activities include a support group, art, gardening, nature walk, and games. Once a month the group goes on a fun field trip to a local place of interest.

    Meets weekly on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10am to 2:30pm.

    Music Improvisation

    Music Improvisation

    A fun, participatory gathering for anyone who loves music. Bring your own instrument or use one of our guitars, percussion instruments or piano. Or simply join in and sing.

    Mondays 10am to 12pm

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