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Making an Impact in Marin
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Community members from across Marin and incredible partners helped to make our work powerful and effective this past year. Community Action Marin’s 2023 Impact Report shares all that we accomplished, and our hardworking staff and volunteers invite you to see what we did together!  

This Impact Report provides data that makes the work of alleviating poverty visible, and it shares the stories of our community from the perspective of the people changing lives every day. It’s what our work means to those we serve, and it reflects our shared yearning to live and work in a fair and just community. 

At Community Action Marin we meet needs head on. Our team across the county listens, whether they are at one of our children’s centers, supporting entry to services at our main office in San Rafael, out at a homeless encampment, or answering a phone or an email. They want to ensure they meet people where they are and touch across generations.  

“I like what I do, I like helping people. I got into this role and worked with folks on the front lines and talked to them daily. Hearing stories, knowing what someone’s going through, it’s powerful. I like hearing where they come from, what they’re doing, how they’re getting by, and how they manage daily. It speaks to me. Someone may come in for rental assistance and then by talking with them, I discover their brother or sister had their power turned off and I get to explain how we may be able to help them as well.” – Chris Miranda, Senior Manager, Safety Net Services 

As Marin County’s leading anti-poverty agency, our work helps people address their emergency needs like paying the light bill or putting food on the table.  It also helps people gain skills that can lead to jobs in high-demand fields, obtain high-quality early education for their children, build confidence, and increase their self-sufficiency and financial stability.  

“When I came to Community Action Marin, I was looking for a lifeline that could help me earn a living and help me find new housing. It was a struggle to balance my financial problems, health issues, and housing situation. The financial coaches helped me get a grant to pay for my vehicle registration, negotiate significantly lower car payments, and apply to Marin Advocates to get emergency funds to pay for my cell phone. They also helped me focus on saving money and improving my credit score. I was also able to work on regaining my housing status and apply for affordable housing. The best part is that I’ve now re-established my business. I couldn’t do it without Community Action Marin.” — Luis S., Financial Coaching Participant 

At Community Action Marin, our programs and services: 

  • Give families peace of mind and children a better start by preparing them for school and success in life 
  • Feed nourishing meals to children, families, and seniors by growing food and making meals at our Central Kitchen, while also providing a space for businesses to operate 
  • Ensure that our county’s young people, in addition to all unhoused, are sheltered, safe, fed, and supported with Community Alternative Response & Engagement (CARE) Team outreach and support services   
  • Help people build their financial future with financial and credit coaching and workforce development programs that provide training that can lead to employment 

Join us in the pursuit of racial and economic justice. Your investment today ensures better outcomes tomorrow. Donate today if you are able. Your generosity transforms lives.