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2023 Annual Report

Commitment in Action
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It’s the shared energy, passion, and commitment to an equitable Marin that makes providing services to those in need in our county possible. Our 2023 Annual Report, available in both English and Spanish, is dedicated to these individuals and groups—the hundreds of staff, supporters, volunteers, and partners who join us in this critical work of helping to put individuals and families on a path to greater well-being. 

At Community Action Marin, we are making progress towards justice. From high-quality programs that meet needs, improve financial well-being and deliver important data about the community, to advocacy efforts that create systems-level shifts and disrupt the status quo, the hard work of leading transformative change is happening in our own front yards. 

As you read our report, we invite you to listen to the voices of those we serve, hear from the volunteers and staff that give their time, and see all we do to help our neighbors achieve self-sufficiency and realize their dreams. 

“When my tenant fell behind on his monthly payments he had nowhere to turn. He had little money, ill health, and he desperately needed help. Your program came as a godsend.” – Martin R., Emergency Rental Assistance Program Participant 

Listening to the needs of community drives how we respond with programs, services, and advocacy. Meeting people where they are ensures that all people are reached, even in areas that are harder to access by public transportation. And our Whole Family Approach ensures improved outcomes at the individual, agency, and community levels. 

I want to express my gratitude for the services I received from Community Action Marin. I’m the first in the family to attend college. Currently, I’m enrolled in a nursing program, and I discovered the opportunity to receive the agency’s Financial Coaching at the College of Marin. I am humbled to have had one of their incredible Success Coaches as a counselor. He was calm, provided support with reasoning, made topics fun, and was willing to educate and help anyone with an ambition to learn. I can say that Community Action Marin made a change in my life.” – Benjamin D., Financial Coaching Program Participant 

Join us in the pursuit of racial and economic justice. Your investment today ensures better outcomes tomorrow. Please donate if you are able. Your generosity transforms lives and allows us to create a stronger Marin County. And if you are ever in need, we are in your corner. Simply visit Get Services at the top of every page of our website to learn more.