Being ready for an emergency

Be ready for the next power outage with battery storage. Incentives available.
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A new program helps eligible residents purchase battery storage to extend electrical power during the next power outage. Incentives can cover 100% of the purchase costs for customers who have home medical equipment or are income-qualified.

It’s called the Self-Generation Incentive Program, and it provides qualifying residents with a home battery that will extend your home’s power for several hours** in the event of an emergency power shutoff.

Renters are eligible for this program with landlord approval. The financial incentives that pay for your battery won’t affect your eligibility for MediCAL/Medicare benefits, and don’t count as income.

Here’s how a home battery works:

  • It’s charged from the grid or your rooftop solar system.
  • It can be programmed to turn on automatically when there’s a power outage.
  • It can extend your home’s power for several hours. How long your system will provide power depends on battery system size and critical energy needs. Talk to a battery installer to learn more about your specific needs and options.

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To apply complete the online application.