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Staff Spotlight: Kenisha Arlove
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From crossroads to her vocation.

Living in Atlanta, Kenisha Arlove was at a personal crossroads. Recently divorced, she was essentially starting over, and she wanted a better life for her children.

She had no job at the time, except driving occasionally for Uber and Lyft to make ends meet. A friend told her about a position at Community Action Marin.

Although it would mean a move across the country, Kenisha felt comfortable relocating because she was born and raised in East Oakland. The job also resonated with her on a deep personal level. She was called to help because she understood. She had been through many hardships in her life, and she could personally relate to the challenges of homelessness, substance abuse and mental illness.

Kenisha was hired to join the agency’s CARE Team and today works to give the homeless she meets in Marin County a step up.

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