Creating a plan for employment 

The Road to Self-Sufficiency
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The Road to Self-Sufficiency is a six-month program for up to 72 women across three cohorts to help those precariously housed or homeless to secure employment and overcome barriers along the way. The effort, funded primarily by the California Employment Development Department, focuses on an individual’s strengths and offers job placement support in high demand fields, including hospitality, commercial driving, early childhood education, and more.  

Participants work with a team of success coaches from each department at Community Action Marin to create an individualized career, stability, education, and forward-looking plan.  Women gain valuable insight about available supports from childcare to increasing their financial health and overall well-being.   

Now beginning its second year, this workforce accelerator program recently kicked off with a welcome gathering of participants. Women shared a meal together and exchanged goals and intentions for being part of the program. They also reviewed the four key steps of the program: stabilization, discovery, training, and job search. Heather Bettini, Director, Economic Justice, reflected:

“We were thrilled to have women with us at the kick-off who are ready to find fulfilling careers and participate in this program alongside our coaches. Helping these women realize their full potential is our shared goal. Through enrollment in a short-term training program alongside career counseling and wrap around support services, I’m excited that we will provide access to new skills, increased confidence, and a network of peers. All this on the journey to a satisfying job in a field of their choosing!”

In 2021, the first year of the program, the success coach team helped sixteen women experiencing homelessness (or precariously housed) to eliminate barriers and gain access to comprehensive services.  Said L. Gibson, a graduate: 

“I am grateful to have been part of a program like this. It came at a critical time in my life. I was lacking motivation and the support I received was everything. It helped me to develop in a way where I feel positive about where I am going, what I want, and how to get there. I’ve felt very supported, and I’ll never forget my success coach because of all the support she provided. Life is a circle and we must move forward and move on. We must put into practice what we have learned.”  

Key to continued program success is keeping a commitment to learning, sharing insights, and strengthening the team’s ability to achieve results. Participants in this year’s program receive customized services including:  

  • Education and training  
  • Career counseling  
  • Financial coaching  
  • Health & wellness services  
  • Basic needs resources, including clothing, food, utilities assistance, etc.  
  • $200/month for attending two monthly meetings  
  • A Chromebook laptop on loan (if needed)  

Interested in learning more? The Road to Self-Sufficiency welcomes women from across the community to join a cohort. Want to help our goals of racial and economic justice? Become a volunteer or donate today!