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Strong parent engagement means better family outcomes

Parent Leadership Council: Generating Leaders Who Help to Lead Our Programs

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Community Action Marin provides high-quality, free, and affordable early education, health, and social support to over 500 children and their families across the county. Our Children and Family Services staff are a critical part of the agency’s Whole Family Approach to strengthen family well-being.  

Parents gain peace of mind knowing their children are well cared for and provided with wraparound early education, health, nutrition, and family services. But parents too are a critically important part of how we can achieve the best outcomes for families.  

Through Community Action Marin’s Parent Leadership Council, parents have a voice in the Children and Family Services programming of which they are a part through their child’s enrollment. The PLC is a group of parent volunteers who help agency leadership to make decisions about the program’s budget,  needed resources, priorities, and upcoming offerings.  

The Council meets monthly with staff to discuss program developments, share information about activities at each learning site across the county, and learn about opportunities for deeper involvement in the program, agency, and community.

Issues that are discussed also generally include: 

  • Ensuring that the program responds to the needs of parents and the community; 
  • Setting priorities for recruitment, selection, and enrollment in the program; and 
  • Approving investments in teacher and child well-being. 

“It’s important for parents to feel connected to the program that takes care of their children every day,” says Hanna Alvarez, former President of the Parent Leadership Council (historically known as the Policy Council). “Our role is to listen to ideas and concerns from the parents across all childcare sites, so they can have a say in how the agency is helping families. It’s important that families know that they matter and feel heard.” 

Liz Valone, Chief Program Officer notes: “The Parent Leadership Council helps make sure that children receive the best education, the best health, and the family support they need. Parents’ voices are critical to our success in achieving lasting outcomes that better the well-being and development of the children in our care.” 

The 2022-2023 Parent Leadership Council recently elected their new officers and liaison to the Board of Directors. Welcome to these incredible volunteers and thank you for your role in creating a stronger Marin County!  

Maria Pech, President
Zulman Diaz, Vice President
Veronica Anguiano, Board Liaison