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Resources that help in difficult times 

Emergencies can happen to anyone, any time. Community Action Marin provides access to the appropriate programs to either assist people with shorter-term rent or rental deposits and/or mortgage payments. We also can provide help with energy needs so you can be at home, and have the lights on. 

Housing Assistance

Community Action Marin helps individuals and families apply for Housing Assistance through the Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund.  The Chronicle Season of Sharing Fund operates year-round and works with Bay Area households who have exhausted other resources and support from family, friends, and organizations, and are striving to overcome an unexpected financial challenge or crisis. The Season of Sharing Fund provides short-term, one-time assistance with:

  • Rent, whether it’s first months rent or back rent to prevent eviction
  • Mortgage Payments, including current payment or those that are past due
  • Security Deposits

The maximum amount of assistance provided is $3,000 and assistance can be coupled with other resources, including what the applicant can pay, in order to cover the full cost of a housing expense.  Payments are made in the form of a grant directly to the supplier of services, such as the landlord.

When applying for the Season of Sharing Fund, applicants must:

  • Have their eligibility status validated by supporting documentation
  • Provide proof that they will have the means to cover their housing and living expenses in the months following receiving assistance,

The goal of the Housing Assistance Program is to resolve the immediate crisis and help the individual or family regain long-term self sufficiency. See below for eligibility requirements and required documentation and click here to submit a service inquiry form and get started. You can also email [email protected] with questions.

The Season of Sharing Fund provides one-time, non-recurring financial assistance to individuals and families who have emergency needs that cannot be met through other resources. Eligible recipients include:

  • Low-to-moderate income families with dependent children 18 years of age and under
  • Seniors who are age 55 and older
  • Disabled individuals
  • Veteran.
  • Pregnant women in their 2nd or 3rd trimester
  • Victims of domestic violence
    • Coming from a shelter: one year since disruption of household
    • Self-referral: six months since disruption of household
  • Emancipated foster youth between 18 and 24 (housing assistance only).

You can satisfy the photo id requirement using one (1) of the following:  

  • Current Driver’s License with photograph (from the U.S. or any of its territories)  
  • Non-Driver’s Identification Card with photograph (from the U.S. or any of its territories)  
  • Passport  
  • Identification from County of Origin with photograph (non-U.S.)  
  • U.S. Permanent Resident Card  
  • U.S. Certificate of Naturalization (good for 10 years after date of issue  
  • Learner Permit with photograph (from the U.S. or any of its territories)  
  • Work Identification with photograph 

You can satisfy the income documentation requirement using one (1) of the following:  

  • Pay stub(s) (minimum 30 days)  
  • Unemployment award letter  
  • W-2  
  • Bank statement (reflecting salary or reduction in salary)  
  • Letter from employer (reflecting income level, decrease in income level or layoff);  
  • Form 1040 as filed with IRS  
  • Benefits award letter (social security, VA, etc.)  
  • Self-declaration statement (can be used if self-employed or if other documents cannot be produced) 

You can satisfy the proof of tenancy requirement using one (1) of the following:  

  • First page of current lease  
  • Utility bill showing address  
  • Notice of past due rent  
  • Eviction notice  
  • Self-declaration (if other documents cannot be produced) 

If you have questions about the Marin County Rental Assistance Program, you can:

Utility Assistance

The Utility Assistance program is designed to help people in the neighborhood where they are currently living or at an agency where they may already be receiving services. For assistance, customers must choose a primary heat source; PG&E, Wood or Propane and may get help only once a year.

Community Action Marin is the local administrator of the federally-funded Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). Our Energy Program is also a conduit for other energy assistance and residential conservation programs. Reaching over 800 households each year, our Low-Income Energy Assistance Program ensures that families get assistance with utility payments and wood and propane home energy costs. 

LIHEAP helps families living on low incomes pay their heating bills in the form of a cash grant. It is a one-time payment sent directly to the utility company or fuel provider and will appear as a credit on your bill. 

See “The Process” section below to learn how to apply. People living in West Marin can also apply at the West Marin Community Resource Center, 415.663.8361. 

People who rely primarily on wood or propane for heating can also get assistance. The eligibility and the process are the same as those for LIHEAP with the following modifications: 

  • Propane customers: Need to bring their account information including their latest bill. 
  • Wood customers: Work directly with Community Action Marin’s vendor to get them a cord of wood. No bill required.  

Water Assistance Coming Soon!

  1. Applications can be requested by calling our intake specialist at 415.526.7550 to schedule an appointment. You may also apply directly through the California Online LIHEAP Application.  Eligibility and assistance level is based on household size, gross monthly income, and program priorities. 
  2. Once an application is complete, we will notify you of approval or denial within 30 days. All payments are made within 45 days after approval of an application. 
  3. The amount you may receive depends on your eligibility. You will be informed on the amount of assistance that you will receive at the time of your appointment. 
  4. Assistance is a one-time payment that is sent directly to the utility company or fuel provider and will appear as a credit on your bill. The amount you may receive depends on your eligibility. You will be informed on the amount of assistance that you will receive at the time of your appointment. You can only apply for emergency assistance once in a year from October 1 – September 30. 

You may qualify for the LIHEAP or Wood & Propane program if your gross monthly household income is less than: 

  • $2,564.73 for a family of 1
  • $3,353.87 for a family of 2 
  • $4,143.02​ for a family of 3 
  • $4,932.17 for a family of 4 
  • $5,721.31​ for a family of 5 
  • $6,510.46 for a family of 6
  • $6,658.43 for a family of 7
  • $6,806.39 for a family of 8 
  • $6,954.36 for a family of 9
  • $7,102.32​ for a family of 10

To apply, you’ll need the following: 

  • Recent copies of your utility bill (Must include all pages and show 30 billing days.) 
  • Final Utility Termination Notice (If you’ve received a 14-day, 48-hour, or shutoff notice from your energy company, that should be included with your utility bill). 
  • Recent pay stubs or other proof of income that shows your current monthly gross income (This must account for 30 consecutive days of income.) 
  • Documentation showing income from Social Security, Cal Fresh, Unemployment Insurance, Pension Funds, disability, etc. (Examples: Notice of Action, Passport to Services, most recent bank statement showing direct deposit, copy of current check, dated annual benefit letter, payee letter showing income amount, Form 4926, Form 2458, or a HUD statement with a SS amount.) 
  • Other income sources such as Self-employment, Child Support, Odd Job Requirements (current copy of ledger/journal, or a signed self-employment statement showing monthly gross income). 
  • For households with zero income, a self-declaration of zero income attestation form will be requested (Please speak to an intake specialist to request a copy of this form.) 
  • For Wood or Propane assistance a recent invoice is required (the invoice must match your service address listed on your application.) 

We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Simply send an email to [email protected] and a member of our team will get back to you.

Pet Security Deposit Help

Have a pet? We know that finding the right home for you, your family and your pets can be challenging. Even more so if there’s an additional cost of a pet security deposit. No one should have to give up their beloved pet because they can’t afford these costs.

The Marin Humane Society has generously partnered with Community Action Marin to provide up to $500 towards a pet security deposit for qualifying individuals or families. This financial support will be paid directly to the housing manager or landlord.

To qualify, pet owners must:

  • Be 18 years or older and the legal guardian of the pet(s).
  • Live in or moving to a rental property in Marin County
  • Have their pet spayed or neutered (Marin Humane can assist with this upon acceptance into the program)
  • Have their dog(s) licensed in Marin County

We Also Offer

  • Information on shared housing, Section 8 housing & senior subsidized housing options through our Financial Coaching program, and
  • Small one-time cash grants to support emergency rental, mortgage, or security deposit assistance through our Emergency Family Needs Program For more information, call: 415.526.7541 or email Emergency Family Needs at [email protected]. More information is also available at 

Finding Affordable Housing

To begin the process of finding affordable housing through our coaching program, click the button belowor call our Front Desk to register for a New Member Orientation at 415.526.7500.