We’re for Marin, by Marin

About us

We believe all of us in Marin should have an equal opportunity to support ourselves and each other.

Many people consider Marin County to be one of the most beautiful places to live in the United States. It has some of the highest incomes per capita and one of the lowest unemployment rates. It also has the widest gap between rich and poor and the greatest racial inequities in the State of California. In this county of plenty, the face of poverty is often invisible.


Our Mission:

We make it possible for people to achieve wellbeing by providing the education, mental health, and vital services they need. Together, we break down the barriers that get in the way of fair and lasting change in service to better outcomes for all. 

The reality in Marin is shocking.

The cost of living in Marin has risen 48% in just the past four years, and families are struggling to make ends meet. Right now, a family of four with two adults, one infant, and one preschooler would need to earn $149,545 annually to cover all of the family’s basic expenses, such as housing, food, child care, health care, transportation, and taxes without public or private assistance (Insight Center for Community Economic Development).

Number of children in households living paycheck to paycheck
Marin students identified as homeless or with precarious housing
Black & Latinx households are twice as likely as Whites to struggle to meet their basic needs

Our job is to fill in the gaps and lift people up.

We cover unexpected financial emergencies so people can keep a roof over their heads and the lights on at home. We make sure kids can do well in school by making early childhood education and care affordable for everyone. We’re removing the stigma of mental health challenges and getting people and their loved ones through times of crisis. We’re helping people take charge of their money and grow their income so they can have a more secure future. Anywhere along the pathway from crisis to thriving, we are in your corner.

Number of children, families and individuals we partner with every year
Number of children that have graduated from our day care centers
Number of meals we’ve served to children, often their most nutritious of the day

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Our agency has earned a Candid Platinum Seal of Transparency. Our 2019 audit is available online.

FY2020 Budget
Federal, State, Local Government Funded
Chandra Alexandre, CEO Community Action Marin

When you consider the American Dream, do you know that it’s possible for you?

For too many, access to opportunities is denied because of income level and often because of race. Awareness of the daily challenges faced by immigrants, people living in poverty, and those suffering discrimination will help us all reach our fullest potential. Today, we are working together in community to achieve the best possible outcomes for our children, grandchildren, and the leaders of tomorrow no matter what their zip code or country of origin.

I invite you to be part of Community Action Marin. Let’s join forces to create pathways toward self-sufficiency for those of low-income. Together we can chart a strong, sustainable, and equitable future in our beautiful county.