Need assistance with flood damage?
¿Necesita ayuda con los daños por inundaciones?

Call the Home Cleanup Hotline at 844.965.1386
Llame a la línea directa de limpieza de viviendas al 844.965.1386

Anthony, Economic Justice Program Participant 

Anthony first came to Community Action Marin in 2014, seeking rental assistance because he was having a hard time making ends meet on his social security income. The agency was able to help him with his rent. Years later, one of our financial coaches worked with him again to help him get into more affordable housing. With more affordable rent and help with a move-in deposit, Anthony looked forward to finalizing his move. Things came together quickly, and Anthony shared, “My mind was more at ease, knowing I could focus on packing and moving. Thank you, Community Action Marin for the support in getting my new apartment! I have a great view outside my 12th floor window.”