Renting Space

  • Overview

    Supporting Small Businesses

    We provide a base of operations for local food-focused small businesses.

    Central Kitchen is available for rent during much of the day, evenings, and weekends. The kitchen is appropriate for food trucks, caterers, bakers, and entrepreneurs! As space permits, our kitchen is also available for one-time and long-term tenancy. We look forward to being your commercial home kitchen!


    Kitchen Rental Rates

    Kitchen Rental Rates

    • Minimum 8 hours per month rental rate—rent is charged in one-hour increments.
    • $500 minimum refundable security deposit.
    • 10% discount for non-profit groups.
    • 15% off for ‘off-peak hours’ (8pm-6am) and 10% off for weekend hours.
    • Storage space rental requires a minimum 9 hour per month lease.
    Growing Our Reach

    Growing Our Reach

    Last year, we partnered with The Berkeley Group, a pro bono University of California project, to strengthen our ability to serve community using our Central Kitchen. These students were so inspiring and helpful that we want to say a public, “Thank You”!  It was a pleasure to learn that we could help others by sharing what we have with our kitchen. You made it possible to move toward a more vibrant food justice community.

    Conveniently located just off 101 North, our Central Kitchen can be a commissary, a food business incubator, your start-up for nurturing people everywhere. Inquire today!

    Serving Food for All

    Square feet of space
    Open year-round
    Discount to non-profits
    Renting the Central Kitchen has allowed Ceres to reach more Marin residents with healing meals. As a nonprofit, we're grateful to be an anchor tenant at a discounted rate. We recommend this well-lit commercial kitchen to anyone who wants to grow their food business. Cathryn Couch, CEO > Ceres
  • Program Details

    Kitchen Rental

    Renting to Grow Your Business

    • DRY STORAGE SPACE $88.00 per each 4-foot rack per month
    • WALK-IN COLD STORAGE OR REFRIGERATOR $136.00 per each 4-foot length per month
    • WALK-IN FREEZER STORAGE $136.00 per each 4-foot length per month

    We Have What You Need

    • Walls covered with RFP washable surfaces
    • Prep sinks, mop sinks and a full dishwasher
    • Walk-in freezer and refrigerator
    • Ample dry storage space
    • Double Convection Steamer
    • Double Convection Oven
    • 2,000 square foot kitchen
    • 40-Gallon Tilting Skillet
    • 6-burner range and conventional oven
    • 60-Gallon Steam-Jacketed Kettle
    • 30-Quart Hobart floor mixer
    • 45-Quart Robot Coupe food processor
    • Volumetric Piston-Filler jar filler
    • Bottle-Matic Dispensa-matic label dispenser
    • Rolling racks and prep tables
  • FAQ

    What times are available for rental?

    Our agency is out of the kitchen by 10am most days, and rentals may be possible most weekdays after that. We are able to accommodate weekend and evening or overnight rentals most easily.

    Want to learn more?

    Growing Our Reach

    Vice President, Children and Family Services

    Monique Liebhard