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Supporting self
sufficiency to thriving

Helping People Find Their Way

At Community Action Marin, we help people find their own way to thrive, financially and beyond. Thriving is not just a matter of money, our coaches help individuals and families design the lives they want, based on their unique needs and goals.  Coaches help members access stabilization supports, including rental, cash, energy and CalFresh assistance, through our agency’s Safety Net Services program and partnerships with local community based and governmental agencies. They provide hands-on support with navigating multiple agencies’ intake systems to ensure members are able to access the full breadth of services for which they are eligible. We help you define your own version of success and transform your life. 

Our team of staff and skilled volunteers brings special expertise in things like affordable housing, public benefits, and more. We also enlist partners such as Make It Home Bay Area, Front Porch, San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, and others to bring their services to our members.


Housing Information

Low-cost housing is extremely difficult to secure in Marin. Our seasoned Housing Information Specialist helps members uncover timely information on shared housing options, Section 8 housing vouchers, and subsidized housing. Members get high-touch personal assistance with their housing search, best practices on how to present themselves to a landlord and how to be a good tenant, help developing housing resumes and letters of reference, and external referrals to our network of trusted landlords and housing programs.

CalFresh Assistance

CalFresh, federally known as the Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program (SNAP), supports the food needs of low-income households by providing a free food debit card. Individuals receive a monthly food subsidy on their debit card and can use it to purchase groceries from participating grocery stores and farmer’s markets. They can also purchase seeds and plants that produce food. Our coaches and Client Intake Specialists screen individuals to determine if they are likely eligible for the program and provide assistance with onsite application, document submission, and renewal.
Credit Assistance Community Action Marin

Small Business Development Advising

Small businesses are the lifeblood of Marin, and for many people the only way to create a livelihood. It’s not always easy to make a small business succeed however. Marin residents who have an existing business they'd like to strengthen or expand, or a hobby they want to grow into a business, or are just curious about working for themselves, are encouraged to reach out. In partnership with Marin Small Business Development Center, we offer free business advising for future and current small business owners

Anthony first came to Community Action Marin in 2014, seeking rental assistance because he was having a hard time making ends meet on his social security income. The agency was able to help him with his rent. Years later, one of our financial coaches worked with him again to help him get into more affordable housing. With more affordable rent and help with a move-in deposit, Anthony looked forward to finalizing his move. Things came together quickly, and Anthony shared, “My mind was more at ease, knowing I could focus on packing and moving. Thank you, Community Action Marin for the support in getting my new apartment! I have a great view outside my 12th floor window.”

Economic Justice Program Participant 

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Volunteer Spotlight: Leslie Klor, Housing Information Specialist

Leslie Klor’s lifelong passion and expertise as an affordable housing advocate is put to use in the service of Marin residents and families as a Housing Information Specialist volunteer at Community Action Marin. Leslie is widely known and highly regarded in Marin County for her commitment to affordable housing. Her role as a volunteer is to inform and explain housing options such as section 8, subsidized housing, shared housing and shelters so that people can make informed decisions.

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