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Peer Mental Health

  • Overview

    Fostering Better Outcomes

    Together as a team of individuals with lived experience of mental health concerns, we are committed to teaching, empowering, and advocating for our clients, serving people with mental health issues in a variety of ways as they grow on the recovery journey and thrive in community.

    Peer specialists support recovery, the process of change where people with a mental health disorder improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential. Our program works to provide an atmosphere of warmth and caring that will give the best opportunities for those with mental health challenges to reach their highest potential. Our trained peer specialists also work in partnership with teams at the County of Marin Health and Behavioral Services Department, together serving people with mental illness. Our staff ensure additional support for homeless people with mental illness and guide them in connecting with the best of community resources.

    Did you know?

    The research shows that peer mentors and support specialists involved in mental health recovery reduce re-hospitalization rates, reduce days inpatient, lower overall costs of services, increase use of outpatient services, increase quality of life outcomes, increase engagement rates, and increase whole health including eating habits, satisfaction, and hopefulness.

    Healing and Hope

    Number of visits to the Enterprise Recovery Center in 2018
    First time clients registered at ERC
    Number of clients referred to 60 other programs in Marin County

    This was the first time in my life in the county that partners have come together. I’ve received the care of a psychologist, a nurse practitioner, and a case manager in addition to the ERC's support groups all at the same time.

    Client, Peer Mental Health

    Success Story

    Laura's Story - Recovery Leads to a New Career

    Laura was living a productive and successful life when bi-polar mental illness unexpectedly hit her in mid-life.  As she progressed through her own recovery, a case manager at Kaiser suggested she enroll in the agency’s peer counseling classes.  She completed peer counseling classes and then started volunteering.  As she successfully supported others in their recovery, her own sense of self and self-esteem began to return.  She discovered renewed purpose, and hope, too.  After helping others for a year on her recovery journey, she found a paid job working with homeless people in Marin.

    Today, Laura continues in the gratifying career she found on her road to recovery.  “Every day on the streets,” she says, “I can put into practice the skills I learned through peer training. My work now is very rewarding.”

  • FAQ

    Do you support community in crisis?

    Our team of Crisis Planners creates wellness and crisis plans after people have received mental health services to promote their stabilization and recovery.

    Need support? Call our Crisis Planning & Wellness team directly at 415.306.3289 or 415.302.0753.

    If you have any questions that aren’t answered above,
    please contact me so I can help you out.

    Director of Mental Health Services

    Connie Mann