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Online Support Groups Are Here

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We know how hard it has been to stay connected to colleagues, friends, and community during this uncertain time. Feelings of isolation, anxiety, stress, or sadness have only been made worse during the shelter-in-place months we have endured, especially for those of us who struggle with our mental health.

To help us all back to well-being and support our recovery journey, the Enterprise Recovery Center will offer its assistance through regular, peer-led Virtual Support Groups beginning on July 6th.

Join us for a safe and friendly place online to find support and to offer encouragement to others. You do not have to struggle with depression, negative thinking patterns, or other mental health challenges alone.

Each support group runs from 1-2pm.

Monday         Building Skills for Daily Life Management
Led by: Guinevere Hildago
A practical support group for those who are new to recovery or feel that they would like continuing support in building and maintaining practical skills to build an independent and meaningful life.  Areas include (but are not limited to) daily task navigation, healthy communication, managing uncomfortable feelings (such as panic and anxiety) and short- and long-term goal setting.

Tuesday         Pathways to Substance Use and Mental Health Recovery
Led by: Annie Louis / Alex Merkels
A welcoming support group for those who are in recovery from both substance use and mental health challenges.  This process group reinforces healthy strategies for recovery and provides a safe space to share frustrations and to celebrate achievements

Wednesday         Pathways to Emotional Wellness
Led by: Darcy Woodall

Many of us struggle with negative voices and thoughts that can immobilize our recovery goals.  In this group, we will learn and practice new ways of “interpreting” our feelings and experiences in order to support our recovery and well-being.

Thursday         Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction
Led by: Patty Day
Mindfulness is a powerful way to reduce stress and to become more effective. In this group, we will learn and practice mindfulness techniques that will support our capacity to live fully in the present moment (which will reduce our stress) and support our ability to move intentionally toward a future, as we would like to see it.

Friday         Women Supporting Women
Led by: Jennifer Carter
Women in recovery face unique challenges including stigma, abuse and trauma.  This women-only group provides a sanctuary where women can share frustrations, experiences, and wisdom, while cultivating a community of empowerment.  

Please join us. We are excited to see you again!

For additional information or to sign up, call: 415-457-4554

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