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Healthy Meals

  • Overview

    Good eating, learning, and community!

    Our Central Kitchen is where all of the meals for our child development programs are prepared each day. Located in San Rafael, the kitchen prepares daily breakfast, lunch, and snacks for over 550 children in 28 classrooms throughout Marin County. It also incorporates fresh produce from our production farm regularly into culturally-appropriate menus. Supported by funders, parents, partners, and community, we continue to strengthen our commitment to healthy eating and active living for all of us.

    Creative & Nutritious

    Creative & Nutritious

    There are several new breakfast, lunch, and snack menu items on our menu, thanks to our Registered Dietitian, that include fresh spring produce in addition to some old favorites.
    One of the new breakfast items this year is banana sushi! This balanced breakfast provides a whole grain (whole wheat tortilla), protein (sunflower seed butter), fresh fruit (banana), and milk. It can be assembled by the children to create a fun and hands-on learning experience with food at our child development sites.


    Harvest Time!

    Harvest Time!

    All the hard work that has gone into getting our production farm up and running is making us proud.  This recent harvest included 15.5 pounds of organic Bok Choy and 4.5 pounds of organic Jewel Tone Radishes! These were delivered to the kitchen and this beautiful produce went right into the meals we served to the children in our programs.

    Brown Bag Lunch & Snack Menu

    Brown Bag Lunch & Snack Menu

    COVID-19 Response: Did you know that Monday to Friday we’re distributing a daily lunch and snack to children enrolled in our child care? We want to ensure that families have a reliable source of nutrition for the children we serve.

    All children enrolled in Head Start and Child Development Programs are welcome to participate (child doesn’t need to be present). When we have extra food, we are giving families more for the weekend too.

    1 in 5 families in Marin are at risk for food insecurity.

    Feeding Children is a Real Need

    Marin children are at risk for food insecurity
    of children live in homes where meeting basic needs isn't possible
    pounds of food Community Action Marin gave out during the pandemic
    I am extremely proud of our work to provide nutritious, scratch-cooked meals and snacks to the children enrolled in our programs. Our shared commitment is making the right choices for a budding generation! Leah Walton, Nutrition Services Manager

    Success Story

    A Family's Happiness

    It’s Good Friday, and COVID-19 has made life difficult for many struggling families. But when community comes together to meet families’ needs, magic happens! For Juan Morales, a dedicated parent volunteer it was deeply inspiring:

    No existe dinero suficiente en el mundo que compre la felicidad de una familia!
    (There’s not enough money in the world to buy the  happiness of a family!)

    Being able to provide lunches and snacks for our enrolled families from Head Start and Child Development programs every Monday through Friday (with enough for weekends as supplies allowed) brought many smiles. Many days, we served over 100 families, and today, the Easter Bunny brought special treats to children. There is nothing better!