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Good Food for All

Food Justice

  • Overview

    Hunger and poor access to healthy food are realities for people of low income in Marin, despite the county’s general affluence. Over the past year, food insecurity among the individuals and families we serve intensified and grew.

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    Community Action Marin is working hard to address and eliminate food insecurity. We are growing food and partnering across the county to strengthen healthy food access and justice for all: 

    • Production Farm. Our organic garden offers a replicable and scalable model for creating a sustainable community resource for good, healthy food. 
    • Central Kitchen. We prepare daily breakfast, lunch, and snack for over 550 children participating in our high-quality free and affordable child development program. This commercial kitchen space is also available to rent, helping to support local food entrepreneurs. 
    • Apprenticeship Program. This program, piloting in fall 2021, trains and mentors those seeking a career in the food industry or entrepreneurship opportunities focused on food. It will equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to develop and launch a small food business or to join the larger food and hospitality industry.
    • Learning Gardens. Across the county, we are increasing healthy eating choices and access to organic, fresh fruits and vegetables among the families we serve at locations where children are enrolled in our childcare and after-school programs. Learning gardens support healthy eating and active living for all.
    • Emergency Food Boxes. Implemented in partnership with the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank, this program provides a three-day supply of non-perishable food for individuals and families who are facing an unforeseen emergency if they cannot access other food resources. 

    The Production Farm has 15,000 square feet of land dedicated to orchards and organic crops. Last year we gave over 40,000 pounds of groceries to food insecure families, increasing food security across the county!


    Every dollar helps us expand our program and provide food for all.


    Help tend our gardens, prepare and/or deliver food.



    over 70% of families we serve have limited access to healthy foods
    1 in 5
    1 in 5 families (and 1 in 3 seniors) in Marin struggle to put food on table 
    we provide healthy, organic meals to more than 550 children in Marin daily
  • Programs

    Central Kitchen

    1 in 5 families (and 1 in 3 seniors) in Marin are struggling to put food on the table. Our programs deliver meals to families in need making sure that over 550 children have nutritious meals daily. We also prepare food boxes to cover emergencies and make sure people receive the public benefits to which they’re entitled.

    Renting Space

    The Central Kitchen is a 2,000 square foot commercial kitchen, one of only a few in Marin County.  When not in use for our programs, we rent space to entrepreneurs and nonprofits that need a commercial kitchen. We also serve as the commissary for local food trucks. We welcome inquiries.

    Healthy Meals

    We successfully prepare and serve delicious, nourishing, and free meals and snacks to hundreds of children each year throughout Marin County. Our Central Kitchen ensures that all children in our Children and Family Services program have the right nutrition to get their brains and bodies working and ready to learn every day!

    Production Farm

    There are significant amounts of food insecurity among the families we serve. In Marin County, 1 in 5 families (and 1 in 3 seniors) in Marin struggle to put food on the table. Our farm ensures that we grow, educate, and feed good food into tomorrow!