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Early Childhood Education Workforce Project

  • Overview

    Building tomorrow's workforce today.

    We’re taking the lead in building Marin’s workforce by connecting job seekers with training for high-demand local jobs in early childhood education.  There is a pressing shortage of certified early education specialists in Marin classrooms and our program is designed to support individuals through a year of training to become a credentialed early childhood educator. As partners, we are helping people gain the skills they need to access immediate employment in the field.


    participants engaged in the first two cohorts of our program
    more teachers are needed over the next decade, per the Center for the Future of Teaching & Learning
    of participants who completed the training last year are now employed in ECE jobs

    " You gave me the support I really needed during the spring semester. And you offered childcare for my boys. If I didn't have that I would have not been able to go to many of the classes. So, thank you. I'm so grateful."

    Flor Rodas, ECE Workforce Project Participant

    Success Story

    Ready to succeed

    “I’m happy because I learned a lot about helping children, how to be a good teacher, and I met good friends with lots of experience.”- Program participant, Cohort 1

  • Program Details

    Marin residents with entry-level skills struggle to find jobs that pay enough to support living here. With vital support from the Marin Community Foundation and Kaiser Permanente, we’ve created a project that engages low-income Marin residents in a one-year workforce training program that gives them the credentials to build a satisfying career in the field of early childhood education.

    Over the course of a year, participants complete 12 units of Early Childhood Education classes at College of Marin, take English language proficiency courses if needed, attend other skill-building trainings, get on-the-job training and real-time feedback from a model teacher during a classroom internship, and check in on progress at one-on-one and monthly cohort meetings.

    Now in the second year of this pilot project, we’re proud to report that 100% of those who completed the program in the first year are now employed as early childhood educators.

    ECE Project Partners

    Marin Community Foundation
    Kaiser Permanente
    Marin County Office of Education ( MCOE)
    CareerPoint Marin
    College of Marin
    E3: Education Excellence and Equity
    Marin Childcare Council
    Marin Quality Counts

  • FAQ

    What community need does the ECE Workforce project address?

    The project addresses the teacher shortage in the ECE field. Center operators like Community Action Marin are unable to staff available classrooms due to a lack of qualified teachers in Marin County, thereby restricting the capacity to serve families in need of childcare (Marin County Child Care Commission, 2018).

    How quickly can project participants work?

    Participants are employed as full-time early childhood educators following the completion of their first six early childhood education core units.

    How often do program participants meet?

    The project meets monthly, offering opportunities for reflection, learning, on-the-job training, and building a professional community with a cultural awareness and anti-bias focus.

    If you have any questions about the program, please contact:

    Workforce Manager

    Maricruz Aldana