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Central Kitchen

  • Overview

    Serving 135,000+ healthy meals and snacks a year to children of low income.

    At our Central Kitchen, we prepare daily breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the children participating in all of our free and affordable child development programs, serving over 135,000 healthy meals a year.  Located in the heart of San Rafael, this commercial kitchen enables us to meet critical nutritional needs for the children in our programs and provides a vital space for select local business owners to operate small food service business.

    We are now developing plans to expand our offerings with vocational training and apprenticeship opportunities. We also continue to ensure that the fresh ingredients grown in our Production Farm and school gardens are put back into our food cycle and we help educate children about healthy eating and active living.

    Food Service

    Food Service

    The Central Kitchen prepares and delivers tasty, nutritious and culturally appropriate breakfast, lunch and snacks for over 550 children in 28 classrooms at 9 sites  throughout Marin County.  For many children, it is a primary and reliable source of daily nutrition.

    Space Rental

    Space Rental

    Located at 4308 Redwood Highway #100 in San Rafael, the Central Kitchen is a 2,000 square foot commercial kitchen, one of only a few in Marin County.  When not in use for our programs, we rent space to entrepreneurs and nonprofits that need a commercial kitchen. We also serve as the commissary for local food trucks. We welcome inquiries.

    For more details, download our brochure here. Or email us to make an inquiry.

    Did you know?

    1 in 5 families in Marin are at risk for food insecurity.

    central kitchen, by the numbers

    71% of Community Action Marin families report feeling food insecure
    Number of children who live in food insecure households
    Number of meals delivered
    • I’m proud that through my work, the children eat better and become more healthy, so they are able to learn better every day. 
    Jose Rodriguez > Kitchen Manager

    Success Story

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  • Program Details

    We successfully prepare and serve delicious, nourishing, and free meals and snacks to over 950 children a year throughout Marin County. Our Central Kitchen ensures that all children in our Children and Family Services program have the right nutrition to get their brains and bodies working and ready to learn every day!

    Food Justice

    Our Central Kitchen is where all of the meals for our child development programs are prepared each day. Located in San Rafael, the kitchen prepares breakfast, lunch, and snacks for over 950 children in over thirty classrooms throughout Marin County. It also incorporates fresh produce from our Production Farm regularly into culturally-appropriate menus! Contact us for more information.

  • FAQ

    Do you rent space out of the kitchen?

    Yes, we are able to rent space to others for businesses or nonprofits that need a commercial kitchen. We also serve as the commissary for local food trucks and welcome inquiries. If interested, please send an email to mliebhard@camarin.org

    Are your meals organic?

    We are not currently able to guarantee that all of our food is organic as we source locally from the SF-Marin Food Bank and other vendors to meet quality and freshness standards. We are working hard to provide consistently organic meals to our children and continue to use the food grown organically in our Production Farm.

    Do meals reflect the cultural needs of children in your program?

    Yes, we regularly produce menus that reflect the diversity of children in our programs.