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CARE Homeless Outreach Teams

  • Overview

    A trusted partner on the path to self-sufficiency.

    Through our Community Alternative Response (CARE) homeless outreach teams, we offer vital support and assistance to unhoused people throughout Marin County.  We are often the first point of contact for people experiencing homelessness.

    We find people in need of service and help them in simple ways like wellness checks, bringing people food, socks or sleeping bags, or transportation to a detox center, homeless shelter or hospital, until they are receptive to accessing services.  Encounters can take place over many months or even years.  Once trust has been built, we connect people in need with mental health services, housing programs and other supports on the path to becoming housed and stabilized.

    We work to successfully transition clients to mental health and other supportive services, housing programs, and permanent housing.


    Number of connections with homeless individuals and families made daily
    People in the county are chronically homeless, usually due to co-occurring issues including mental health, physical disability and substance abuse
    Percentage of Marin's homeless population who are seniors

    We provide critical safety net services in West Marin. When we are made aware of an individual or family in crisis around homelessness, our first call is to Community Action Marin’s CARE Team. Peter and Kenisha are immediately responsive and provide incredible support and wrap around services.

    Dave Court, Executive Director, San Geronimo Valley Community Services

    Success Story

    Allen's Story

    Our CARE Team first encountered Allen at St. Vincent’s Dining Hall. He had recently separated from his wife and moved to Marin, believing that he would be welcomed by family.  When he arrived, it turned out he did not have a place to live. The CARE Team helped him get accepted into a shelter program and drove him to appointments to apply for general assistance and get a social security card and a driver’s license.  Within a month, he had found employment and was living in transitional housing while saving money to purchase a vehicle and move into his own apartment.

  • Locations

    Our mobile CARE (Community Alternative Response & Engagement) Teams can be contacted across Marin County by the geography they cover:

    • CARE I – West Marin and all across Marin County:  (415) 847-1266
    • CARE II – Downtown San Rafael: (415) 847-6798
    • CARE III – Novato:  (415) 302-0753
  • FAQ

    What kinds of services does the CARE Team provide?

    Our Peer Case Managers build trust through conducting simple wellness checks, and providing basic needs like food, socks, sleeping bags, or transportation to a detox center, homeless shelter or hospital.  Once trust is built, we connect people to mental health services and housing programs.  We work with an end-goal of successfully transitioning homeless clients to a system of care, mental health services, housing programs like the County’s Odyssey program, and permanent housing.

    Who are the CARE Outreach Team workers?

    Our teams are staffed by trained Peer Case Managers who all have personal lived experience of mental health, homelessness, substance abuse or incarceration.   They bring an invaluable first-hand experience of their own struggles on the street, and are trained to intervene with people suffering from mental illness or intoxication.  Further, most of our Peer Case Managers have been with our agency for over 10 years and have come to be well known among the street community.

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    Laurel Hill