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$350,000 Grant from County of Marin Boosts Street Outreach Partnership

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We are thrilled to announce that we have received $350,000 from the County of Marin under its Emergency Services Grant for addressing impacts of the coronavirus in our communities. With this funding, we join a county-wide collaboration with other Emergency Services Grant partners to address the needs of homeless people. We will partner with North Marin Community Services and work closely with Downtown Streets Team as well as other Rapid Rehousing groups to quickly rehouse recently homeless individuals and families, while continuing our dedicated outreach work to chronically homeless people.

The County’s funding makes it possible for us to be prepared and respond quickly to the urgency of individuals and families who may lose their homes during these next months of the pandemic, with an emphasis on outreach to marginalized communities including a focus on outreach to our Latino communities across the county. Our outreach work will be particularly important in the coming months as we learn how legislators and policymakers will address the individuals and families who need help making rent and mortgages.

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