Headlines for July 2013

A Peaceful Moment

July 1, 2013

Our children are learning how to be in their mindful bodies: breathe deeply, practice stillness, feel calm, and have a joyful heart.

Marin Head Start Community Partnerships

July 1, 2013

While Marin Head Start has classrooms that stay open through the summer, the general feeling in June (while looking forward to summer fun) is reflecting on the year that just flew by so quickly. In planning for next year, it is important for us to think not only of our successes, but also to consider our challenges as learning opportunities. Among the successes shared by our team were the community partnerships built over the course of the year or strengthened by our collaborative approach. We have found our local community is our greatest resource in helping to provide for the children and their families.

Executive Director's Message

July 1, 2013

The last week has brought both good and bad news out of Washington.