Headlines for March 2012

Family Style Dining

March 1, 2012

Family style dining is recommended in child care centers because it enriches learning.  Pouring, passing, serving and sharing food not only promotes language and fine motor development, it enhances a child’s self-esteem by providing opportunities to make decisions and take responsibility.  


KCE Goes to Washington

March 1, 2012

March is a landmark month for the CAM/KCE program!  On March 2nd, my kidney donor, Sally Kennerson, and I will be celebrating our “lucky 7” year transplant anniversary. Sally and I could not be more different . She is a US Air Force veteran and the mother of three. I am a veteran of the Los Angeles film industry. But we share a lifelong bond.   Many thousands of others are not so lucky and may not live to see their transplant day.  What better way to recognize this than to go to Capitol Hill? 

Head Start Self-Evaluation

March 1, 2012

During February we as a program engage in our Program Self- Assessment process.  This is a multi-facetted process that looks at various aspects of our program from many directions. Through this process we are able to assess our strengths and look at areas and ways we can be even better.