Job Opportunity

Job Title: Head Start Teacher (several positions); Head Start Home Visitor; Energy Program Administrative Assistant

Mental Health

We provide an atmosphere of caring that will give the best opportunities for those with mental illness to reach their highest potential. The Mental Health Program is committed to advocating for our clients.

Safety Net

CAM safety net programs assist Marin families, seniors, and the disabled with emergency financial needs that are not covered by other assistance programs.

Economic Development

CAM’s economic development programs are designed to assist moderate to low income individuals and families reach self-sufficiency through financial literacy.

Program of the Month

Child Development Program

Community Action Marin Child Development has operated quality childcare centers for over 25 years. By serving over 600 children from low-income working families and employing over 80 staff, we contribute to Marin County's economic stability. In collaboration with County agencies we provide dental, vision and hearing screenings, referrals to social services and assessments for children with special needs.

Community Action Marin News

From the Executive Director

November 19, 2015

As I woke this morning I decided it might be time to get my pilot light fixed on my heater as I struggled to get out from under the warm blankets. I was reminded that it is truly fall here in Northern California. And with fall, in this part of the country, comes the holiday season and a season of thankfulness.

Events & Fundraisers

Our Place in the Community...

August 13, 2014

Community Action Marin is a private, non-profit Agency which as been designated as the primary anti-poverty agency of Marin County. As a Community Action Agency, we are charged with speaking for those without a voice, advocating for social justice and equity, and creating an environment which promotes opportunity, self-sufficiency and hope for all our community members.