Mental Health

Mental Health Program

The Mission

The mission of Community Action Marin's Mental Health Program is to provide an atmosphere of warmth and caring that will give the best opportunities for those with mental illness to reach their highest potential. The Mental Health Program is committed to teaching, empowering, and advocating for our clients.

A variety of programs

Mental Health services are being free of charge to those with a mental illness and to their family members and friends. Each day we work to help teach people about their illness or recent diagnosis. We educate parents, family members and friends about mental illness so that they will be better able to help their loved ones.

 All services are provided by trained Mental Health Peer Counselors. Our activities range from working with individuals and families as peer case managers to helping people through times of crises. We accept referrals from a variety of sources, including calls directly from clients, family members, friends, law enforcement officers, community agencies, therapists and physicians.

Mental Health Programs include:

Enterprise Resource Center    415.457.4554

CARE Team    415.847.1266

Warm Line    415.459.6330

Peer Companion Program    415.457.4554

Basic & Advanced Peer Counseling Classes    415.457.4554

Crisis Planning Program   415.306.3289 or 415.302.0753

Please visit our dedicated website at

Our programs and services that are designed to provide personal support and growth include:
Our staff is trained to provide appropriate referral to other agencies and resources within the county of Marin including: