Mental Health

Family Partnership

Family Partnership Guiding Principles

The Family Partnership Program seeks to build true partnerships with families and professionals. Our guiding principles help to ensure that service plans are strengths-based, culturally sensitive and meet the unique needs of each family in ways that are respectful and family-centered.

Family Partners Can Help Families

Our team of 6 Family Partners is comprised of parents and family members who have faced similar challenges in their own lives. We have learned where to find resources and locate services and are here to share this knowledge with other family members. We have also learned the importance of self care and assist families in assessing their own self-care needs. As members of the Marin County Mental Health System of Care, we work in collaboration with Mental Health, Social Services, Juvenile Justice, Education and many other agencies within the Marin Community in serving families struggling with mental illness.

Serving all of Marin County.